Council Information

Members are democratically elected on to Abertillery & Llanhilleth Community Council, a Statutory Body under Local Government Act 1972, and represent the community on a Ward by Ward basis. From 1974/85 Abertillery was a Town Council. Under Local Government Reorganisation Abertillery was divided into two areas - Abertillery and Llanhilleth - with the option to become two Town Councils.  They opted to become a Community Council, embracing both areas. Members have an allowance to spend on projects within their Ward and have helped many local organisations with their running costs, they also have the option to amalgamate donations towards items such as Christmas Lighting.

Council is responsible for Six Allotment Sites and for perimeter fencing and works by Abertillery Allotment Association. Council are responsible for maintaining four war memorials - Abertillery, Swffryd, Llanhilleth and Bournville.  Abertillery War Memorial renovations were funded by Heads of the Valley and Welsh Assembly Government.

Council is represented on all local School Governing Bodies and is consulted on local Planning matters.