History of the Council

Abertillery Town Council existed from 1974 to 1985. The Town Mayors during that period were:

Town Council Mayors

1974-75 Thos. Gale MBE JP
1975-76 Sidney R Harris
1976-77 Ronald Baker
1977-78 Olwyn M Williams

1978-79 Robert T Bartlett
1979-80 John I Jones
1980-81 John J Thomas
1981-82 Doris L Jones

1982-83 Victor Overfield
1983-84 Elizabeth Gravenor
1984-85 Clive Gravenor

Abertillery and Llanhilleth Community Council

The Community Council of Abertillery and Llanhilleth was created in 1985. The Community Council covers both the Abertillery and Llanhilleth areas (including Cwmtillery, Abertillery, Six Bells, Aberbeeg, Brynithel, Llanhilleth and Swffryd) and has a Chairman, not a Town Mayor. The Chairmen since 1985 are as follows:

Chairs of the council


1985-86 Christine A Tidey
1986-87 Olwyn M Williams
1987-88 Nancy H Phillips
1988-89 Brian Inch
1989-90 Sidney R Harris
1990-91 Barbara D Baldwin
1991-92 Norma Bartlett
1992-93 Norman Price
1993-94 Norman R Jones
1994-95 Doris L Overfield
1995-96 John C Hodges
1996-97 John Warfield
1997-98 Marian J Roberts
1998-99 John C Hodges



1999-00 Barbara D Baldwin
2000-01 N R Jones
2001-02 J E Griffiths
2002-03 Michael G Roberts
2003-04 Barbara D Baldwin
2004-05 Mollie E Mathews
2005-06 Michael G Roberts
2006-07 Barbara D Baldwin
2007-08 Barbara D Baldwin
2008-09 Robert W Phillips
2009-10 Alan Thomas
2010-11 William R Bard
2011-12 Denis Roles
2012-13 Julian Meek



2013-14 James Roles
2014-15 Glyn Smith
2015-16 William R Bard
2016-17 Ivor Beynon
2017-18 Stephen Bard
2018-19 Julie Holt
2019-20 Gillian Clark
2020-21 Gary Oakley
2021-22 Gary Oakley
2022-23 Nick Simmons


Historical information

Further information can be requested from the Council or from Gwent Archives, Steelworks Road, Ebbw Vale, NP23 6AA.