The "End Polio" Project

Published: 24 September 2019

The Rotary Club of Abertillery and Blaina, along with other Rotary Clubs in the area, is collecting recyclable plastics to raise money towards the international Rotary Project - 'End Polio Now'.

In 1988 polio was in over 125 countries and around 1,000 people every day were getting polio. That was when Rotary International, followed by the World Health Organisation, decided to try and remove polio from the world. Rotarians have raised over £600 million since then to pay for an immunisation programme to protect children against polio. Today, almost 30 years later, only 3 countries have polio - Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan, so we have rid the world of 99% of polio and, although we no longer have polio in the UK because we are vaccinated as babies, we should remember that polio "is only a plane ride away".

For the last year or so, the Rotary Club of Abertillery and Blaina has been collecting plastics with the recycling triangle with a 1 or a 2 inside it, and taking these plastics to a local recycling plant where we receive 15p for every kilo we take there. For every £1 donated the Bill and Melinda gates Foundation matches this two to one, so every £1 becomes £3. Over the last year, the Rotary Club has collected 589 kg which becomes £265.05 for the End Polio Project.

We have been concentrating on the bottle tops as these are easier for people to collect (plastic milk bottle tops, carbonated drinks bottle tops), but we are also now collecting the plastic bottles (eg carbonated drinks bottles, water bottles, some shampoo/conditioner bottles, laundry detergent bottles, fruit shot bottles etc) - anything with a 1 or a 2 in the recycling triangle.

Contact the Rotary Club of Abertillery and Blaina at or via their Facebook or Twitter accounts.